Credit Union Prepaid Card

We are replacing our Prepaid Visa card with a card from The Change Account.

This is the new email address for you to contact the credit union shop about your debit card.

Please look at your old Debit card.

  1. If it has an expiry date of June, it will have stopped working at midnight on 30th June.
  2. If it has an expiry date of July, it will stop working at midnight on 31st July.
  3. Other cards will be informed soon of a 60 day notice period to change the card. This information will come from the Clydesdale Bank (the current card provider).
  4. If there is any money left on the card, it will be transferred back to the credit union. This may not be immediate, but you will not lose your money.

Your new card

It will come in the post from The Change Account. There will be a letter of explanation with it. You need to activate it and then tell us that you have activated it, either by

  • email
  • telephone
    01502-584854 (Lowestoft)
    01733-686483 (Peterborough)
  • call in at any of our access points

It is very important that you tell us when you have activated it because we cannot load money until you have done this.