Syrian refugees

We are working with Peterborough Council to help settle Syrian refugees. If you would like to help this cause, you can donate cash, cheques or bank transfers through the Rainbow Saver Peterborough shop. Please make cheques payable to ‘Syrian Refugee Donations’.

Universal Credit

8 of our members are having Universal Credit processed through the Credit Union. We are able to ring fence the part of Universal Credit that relates to Local Housing Allowance in a budgeting account and pay it direct to the landlord. Members can have the remainder of their money loaded on to one of our […]

Ramsey – a new point

Managed by Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust. Junior savers only – adult accounts soon. See Contact – Ramsey for further details.

News Update

To give members updates on Credit Union matters, we will update news as frequently as practical on the website.

Further computer update

All computer systems have been refurbished and reinstalled. We are now up and running. The telephone is still very busy. Please use email if possible –

Computer update

The system is up and running again, but we are manually processing at the moment. Unfortunately, this is slower than normal. Tuesday is our busiest day with lots of small transactions. On the 14th of July we sent out over 350 payments, totalling £30,000 to members. The smallest payment was £3 and the largest payment […]

Computer breakdown

Apology to members – if you are trying to phone us the phones are very busy due to a computer breakdown which we are busy fixing. You are welcome to email with a request. We apologise for the reduction in service, please bear with our staff who are working very hard to resolve the […]

Visit to House of Commons

Jan, Sally, Alan and Linda visited the House of Commons on 11 February 2015 for the celebration of the award from the Lloyd’s Bank foundation. Eastern Savings and Loans and Rainbow Savers were fortunate to be in the first 17 Credit Unions to be awarded money specifically towards merger.

2015 AGM

The 2015 AGM was held on 21st March.