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Rainbow Saver Anglia Credit Union Ltd

rainbow-saver-officeRainbow Saver Anglia Credit Union Ltd was founded in 2001. Currently, serving the people of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and South Norfolk.

Offering safe savings, affordable loans, Credit Union Prepaid Cards, Budgeting Accounts and other financial services.

Awarded money from the Lloyd’s Bank Foundation specifically to merge with Eastern Savings and Loans (subject to the vote of members). The merger at some time in the future will bring economies of scale, more products and more services. It is estimated that when the merger is complete there will be in excess of 10,000 members being served in the counties of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.

What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a democratic financial co-operative that is owned and controlled by it's members.  Credit unions provide a safe and convenient place to save your money. Accessible loans at reasonable rates of interest are available and a variety of other financial services provided.

Credit unions are not-for-profit organisations and are driven by an ethos of service to its members, rather than maximising profits. They are also an ethical way to bank as they provide social benefits, renew a sense of community identity and retain wealth within the local area.

Rainbow Saver Anglia Credit Union Limited is run by a volunteer Board of Directors who are elected by members. The Directors are responsible for governing the credit union, shaping the strategic direction and managing its long term development and success. The Directors employ a professional staff team to deliver services and to assist them in the on-going development of the credit union.


We are always looking for volunteers and financial support.

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