About Us

rainbow-saver-officeRainbow Saver Anglia Credit Union Ltd was founded in 2001. Currently we serve the people of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and South Norfolk.

We offer safe savings, affordable loans, Credit Union Prepaid Cards, Budgeting Accounts and some other financial services.

We were  awarded money from the Lloyd’s Bank Foundation specifically to merge with Eastern Savings and Loans (subject to the vote of members). We hope to merge at some time in the future. We will then serve the people of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk. Merger will bring economies of scale, more products and more services. It is estimated that when we merge we will have in excess of 10,000 members.

What is a credit union?

A credit union is a democratic financial co-operative that is owned and controlled by its members. Credit Unions provide a safe and convenient place to save your money, accessible loans at a very reasonable rate of interest.