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Introducing the Engage Account

An ethical digital account with Visa debit card

Rainbow Saver Anglia

Credit Union members who choose Engage will benefit from a fair and ethical account service
no hidden fees or unexpected costs from a provider with a track record of delivering the very best
in personal payments technology with the highest levels of customer service all designed with your financial needs in mind.


The Engage Account

FREE to open an account (age 16+)
FREE digital app and contactless Visa Debit card
FREE additional card for joint account
FREE cashback service at participating retailers
Pay by transfer/standing order/direct debit
Pay cash in at PayPoint or Post Office (coming soon)
Send/request money from others
Budget with Engage Envelopes™

The Engage Account

FREE alerts to help you track your spend in real time
Cashback Rewards on everyday shopping and services
No cost to make a purchase within the UK

£10 minimum initial load/deposit
Up to £250 maximum ATM withdrawal per day
Maximum £10,000 card balance at any one time

Your Cashback Rewards

rainbow saver anglia rewards

Your Cashback Rewards Calculator

Engage has made it even easier to see how much cashback you could earn every month with our rewards calculator.

See what you could save: Click/Touch Here

Low or No Fees

Taking control of your finances is easy with Engage, when you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or paying over the odds.

Visa Debit Card

Your own personalised card with account number and sort code; giving you safe and secure access across 30 million locations and 2 million ATMs worldwide.


The flexible and faster way to pay for your everyday essentials.

Rewards and Incentives

Up to 15% cashback on everyday shopping at local and national retailers. Exclusive discounts for utilities, mobile/broadband contracts and insurance products.

FREE Digital Mobile app

Easier and quicker to access your account. View your balance, transactions, and fees from wherever, whenever you want.

Money Management

Be in control of your finances with our innovative money management tool ‘Envelopes’. Use it to put money aside for all your everyday bills.