Getting Started

With Your Change Account

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Getting Started Steps to Getting Started with Your Change Account

Step 1: In the next few days you will receive an ‘Authentication’ email from The Change Account to verify your email address.

Step 2: Please click the link (your account is set up but cannot be activated until you do so).

Step 3: You will then receive a ‘Welcome’ email including your account details: Sort Code, Account Number and User ID.

Step 4: Your Card will be posted to your registered address within 7-10 working days from the date that you activated your account.

Step 5: When you receive your card in the post please follow the instructions on the letter to Activate Your Card and Retrieve Your Card PIN. You will need your:

  • Date of Birth
  • 16 digit Card Number and
  • CVV (3 digit number on back of your card)

You will then be given your 4 digit Card PIN. Please try and remember your Card PIN.

Step 6: Create Your Login Details by visiting and fill in your Sort Code, Account Number, Card Number and CVV. You’ll be asked to create an Online Password and PIN.

You are now ready to start using your Card for purchases, withdrawals and for viewing your account balance online and at ATMs.

There are also some other things you may like to do:-

Step 7: Set up Wallets to suit your budgeting needs.
Please see What is a Wallet?

Step 8: To use our mobile app (smart phone only), you will need to download our Change Account Mobile app and register your device. See Using Your Change Account Mobile App.

Step 9: Click on the ‘Rewards’ tab to see a list of the participating retailers in the Cash Back Rewards Programme.

If you would like any help along the way
please explore our New Customer Guide

For further details and information on The Change Account
please see the FAQ

Important: You must keep your Login and PIN details secret at all times and not reveal them to anyone. If you need to write them down or record them in some way, make sure you always keep them safe and separate from your Card, your account and any electronic device.