Map of our common bond area

It’s easy to become a member of Rainbow Savers.

You can join if you live, work, volunteer or study within Cambridgeshire, Suffolk or South Norfolk.

A credit union is a financial co-operative that is owned and controlled by its members. All the members have something in common. This is called ‘the common bond’.

There is a small joining fee (currently £3) and a charge of 25pence per week for administration. The joining fee will be deducted from your first deposit.

We ask you to keep a balance in your account of a minimum of £5.

To sign up you can:

  • download, print and fill in the application form and bring it with 2 items if ID to any of our access points.
  • come to any of our access points and we will help you to join.
  • send the application by post to Head Office or the Peterborough shop and take ID to any of our access points within 1 month of joining.

Like any financial business we need to have proof of who you are and where you live. We will be flexible with these as long as we meet legal requirements.

Examples of what we would accept.

  • Passport + Utility Bill.
  • letter from Tax credit Office + bank statement.
  • letter from Job Centre + council tax bill.