Junior Savers

Our Junior Saver Account

can be opened by parents, grandparents or guardians.  Individual young people over the age of 15 can join without parental consent. Juniors need to live within the area of our common bond.  Membership is free for everyone under 18. Junior accounts are able to receive interest.  The rate is decided at the Annual General Meeting.

We do not give PayPoint cards to Juniors because of the cost.  They can pay in cash at collection points/shops.  Standing orders can be set up, or bank transfers can be made from parents’, grandparents’ or guardians’ accounts.  Please remember to use the member number as a reference when arranging transfers.

We encourage schools to set up Junior Savers Clubs provided there are parent volunteers or staff at the school to run the club. Slightly different rules apply as a Junior cannot legally be a member or vote until they are 18.  We can also lock the account, so only the adult setting up the account can authorise withdrawals. The adult who opens the account is the person who decides what will happen.

We need 1 item of ID if a young person is related to an existing credit union member, e.g. birth certificate /child benefit letter.

Engage Smartcash
Junior member account

rainbow Saver

Engage Smartcash
Junior member account

  • The Credit Union account for members aged 8-16
  • Teach the kids cashless money management skills
  • FREE junior digital mobile app
  • Debit Card with safe spending/withdrawal limits
  • Request pocket money from parents, receive cash gifts (e.g. birthdays) or from employers/part time job
  • Send money to Credit Union savings account
  • Parents/guardians have full authorisation
  • NO management fees or costs for purchases made within the UK