Letters will be sent out to members

Letters will be sent out to members, week commencing 14th June 2021, as the Credit Union Board is proposing to permanently close the credit union. We will not be accepting new members or making new loans.

The first thing to say is that your money is completely safe, this is a planned controlled closure, not a collapse.

There will be a period of about 2 months where we help members make alternative arrangements – another credit union will look after our Debit card members, and we can refer you to other credit unions so that you may continue to get savings accounts and loans.

In the short term there is no change, your money will continue to be processed as usual.

If you would like a phone chat about your own account, please send your phone number by email to patsy@rainbowsaver.org.uk or send a text message requesting an appointment to 07745 795865 or Peterborough members can text 07549 237364

We are very sad to be giving you this news. Our goal now is to make sure we help you find suitable alternatives.