New pay as you go contactless visa debit card

Launch Date 26th November 2020

Rainbow Saver Anglia

Rainbow is pleased to announce a new partnership to provide a Pay as you go contactless visa debit card with Engage, operated by Contis to launch on 26th November 2020

This card is already in use at a lot of credit unions so this gives us confidence that we can work efficiently with them.

The other good news is that the charges are low, at £3.50 per month charge, with very minor additional charges. Full details will be placed here soon as we are giving priority to our existing cardholders .

ATM charge is 75 pence, although you can avoid that charge if you get cashback while shopping, as there is no charge for that

You can load the card from your credit union account, as well as direct from employers and the DWP, you will also be able to load the card with cash by Paypoint at a charge of £50p plus 2.5% - this may not be needed for you, but could be useful sometimes

There is a mobile app which you can download onto your phone and use that for spending.

The rewards scheme has Asda, Argos, Sainsbury, and many others so that your spending there can get you cashback rewards. Please make sure you register for the rewards scheme as many people get more cashback than the monthly charge !

More Information may be found HERE