JamJar accounts

jamjar-savingsProtect your budget from ups and downs

These are our budgeting accounts. They are designed to help you manage your money. They work by taking your money and dividing it into agreed pots that you cannot accidentally spend. You decide how much money to put aside.

Any left over money can be transferred to another external bank account or loaded onto the Credit Union Prepaid Card.

If you need help with dividing your money you can ask a support/welfare worker to help you. Our staff will then set up the Jars for you.

You could use this account to pay your regular bills, e.g. Electric/Gas, or you could set up a specific Jar to save for something special.

When you need to take money out, you phone us or call into a local point. If you provide the bill details we can even pay the bill direct for you. We will tell you if there isn’t enough money in the JamJar to make the payment.

If you have trouble budgeting for important bills or things that you want then this package could be for you.