Rent Processing

Helping you manage your rent

rainbow saver angliaThis service enables tenants to keep on top of their rent payments. This will be particularly handy as benefit payments move towards Universal Credit, and also for some tenants who face extra costs such as the ‘bedroom tax’.

It helps landlords too – they will know when payments will be received. It can also help to manage arrangements for any arrears. We call this Rent Processing and it is easy to set up and run. Tell your landlord, or tell us that you would like to pay your rent in this way.

If your landlord is part of our scheme, they can set you up by asking you to: complete a simple form allowing us to share information to run the account, sign a simple contract which explains how the account will work. complete a membership form and bring ID if you are not already a member

If your landlord is not already a member of our scheme, telephone Head Office (01502-584854) as we make a small charge to the landlord for this service. We will agree with you how your payments will come into the account (benefits, wages, standing order from your bank, etc) and the amount and date for your rent payments. These may include rent or part-rent and any arrears as you wish. Once the account is set up we will make rent payments on your behalf as agreed, on the correct dates, directly to your landlord.