Regular Saving and Share Account

Everyone benefits from regular savings. It allows us to work towards our financial goals and gives us peace of mind should an emergency arise.

To start saving you must become a member and pay the joining fee.

How you can Save

Deposits can be made:

  • in cash or by cheque at any of our collection points or shops. Cheques can also be paid in at any of our access points
  • direct from your bank account using a standing order
  • direct transfer if you use online banking
  • by Payroll deduction if you work for any of our sponsors (see payroll deduction information)
  • by telephone using your bank debit card. We are not allowed by law to accept credit cards
  • you can ask your employer to pay your wages in by BACS (Bank Automated Clearing System)
  • all benefits can be paid in

We ask you to maintain a minimum deposit of £5 in your account. If the balance in an account falls below £5 and there is no activity, we will start the process to make the account dormant.

Credit Unions do not pay interest on savings. All of our savers are entitled, when the credit union makes a profit, to benefit from an annual dividend, or bonus, paid on their savings.

Our Share Account

The Share Account is

Our main savings account and is called a Share Account because you have a share in the Credit Union.

Any Adult (18+) who meets ‘the common bond’ can apply to join. Juniors under the age of 18 can have a Junior account.

We charge a joining fee and there is a minimum deposit. You can ask for details of this from any of our access points

Other Savings Accounts: