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These terms and conditions are important and are for the protection of both you and us. Please take the time to read the terms and conditions carefully. Users of our site will be deemed to have accepted them. Please note that references to 'we' means the credit union and our subsidiaries and associates.

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While all reasonable security precautions have been taken by the credit union, the nature of communication by the internet is such that the credit union cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of any information relating to the member passing over the internet. In accessing the credit union website and in availing of our services, the member accepts that electronic mail messaging may not be free from interference by third parties and may not remain confidential. The use of the credit union’s website is at the member’s sole risk.


Collection and use of personal information

Rainbow Saver Anglia Credit Union will not collect any personal information about you on this website without your consent. We will let you know what we intend doing with your information before collecting it, so that you can decide whether or not to furnish that information to us.

Any information which is provided by you will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality and in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and on the Free Movement of Such Data, and any implementing and/or amending legislation as may be adopted in the United Kingdom from time to time.

If at any time after giving us personal information you decide that you no longer wish us to hold or use this information, or in the case that the information becomes out of date, you are free to notify us, and we will remove or rectify the information within a reasonable time and in accordance with legislative requirements.

You acknowledge and agree that in certain circumstances we may be obliged to disclose personal information relating to you to third parties, for example, in order to conform to any requirements of law or to comply with any legal process, as well as to protect and defend the rights of property of the credit union, our licensors and/or our other customers.

Telephone calls may be monitored or recorded to ensure that we carry out your instructions correctly and to help improve the quality of our service and in the interests of security.


The credit union, its directors, employees, servants and agents, affiliates or other representatives and their respective parent and subsidiary companies, shall not be liable in respect of any claims, emergencies, demands, causes of action, damages, losses, expenses, including without limitation, reasonable legal fees and costs of proceedings arising out of or in connection with the use and/or dissemination of personal information relating to you in accordance with this privacy policy and your consents.

You should be aware that where you link to another website from the Rainbow Saver Anglia Credit Union website, Rainbow Saver Anglia Credit Union has no control over that other website. The Credit Union has no responsibility for the privacy practices of other websites.


The credit union reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend this privacy statement at any time, and you should regularly check this privacy statement for any amendments.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information in the form of a small text file which is placed on your computer by websites which you visit.

They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently as well as to provide information to the users of the site.  Think of it like a web user’s ID card which tells a website when a user has returned to the site.

When you visit a site which uses cookies for the first time, a cookie is downloaded to your computer.  The next time you visit that site, your computer checks to see if it has a cookie relating to that site and sends the information stored in the cookie back to the site.  The site then knows that you have been there before and in some cases tailors what appears on the screen as a result of this.

Why do sites use cookies?

Cookies give web visitors a better site visit – making the interaction between the user and the site faster and easier.  They save time and make the overall browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable.  Without cookies for example, it would be difficult for online shopping sites to allow visitors to add items to their shopping cart or to remember user preferences or registration details.

Cookies are often used by sites to collect demographic information about the visitors to the site.  They allow sites to monitor web surfing habits allowing them to use this information for marketing purposes.

Are cookies dangerous?

Cookies are merely small pieces of text.  They are not computer programs and cannot be used to disseminate viruses.

While cookies are stored on the hard drive of your computer, they cannot access the hard drive.  A cookie cannot read other information saved on the hard drive or find/use your email address for example.  They only contain and transfer to a site as much information as the user has disclosed to that site.

Changing your cookie settings

You do not have to accept cookies.  Most web browsers allow users to modify browser settings so that it will not accept cookies.  To enable or disable cookies, please follow the instructions provided by your browser – these will usually be found within the Help, Tools or Edit function.

For further information on cookies can be found online at:



Rainbow Saver Anglia Credit Union is a data controller of the information provided on application and other forms in terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 as amended(Registration number Z 9306410) This information will be used internally by the credit union in order to process your membership and other entitlements.

In order to comply with money laundering regulations, before we provide any service, we may search the records of one or more registered credit reference agencies who will provide us with information from the Electoral Register and any other data appropriate to the search.  The agency will keep a record of that search.  This may be used by other lenders when processing future applications for credit you may make.

Information held about you by the credit reference agencies may already be linked to records relating to one or more of your partners.  Where appropriate, any loan applications submitted may be treated as financially linked and your application may be assessed with reference to any ‘associated’ records.

In addition, if the application is successful, details of how you repay the agreement may be provided to the credit reference agency who will make this available to other lenders who may use the information for credit assessment, tracing of absconders and fraud prevention.

We may also consult other credit unions and will also take into account, information concerning your employment prospects of which we have become aware.

If your loan application is successful, your details will be held by Rainbow Saver Anglia Credit Union to enable your loan to be managed.  This information may be shared with other credit unions to protect the credit union’s assets and to help prevent fraud.  Details of any financial transactions involved (such as payroll deduction) will be made to the company/organisation concerned.

In the event that you default on your loan or any terms and conditions in relation thereto, details of such default or defaults will be passed to other credit unions, debt recovery agencies and courts.  In such circumstances, it is understood that the lender may disclose details of the borrower’s account and any matters relating to the account to any credit reference agency and to any individual, individuals or organisations for this purpose registered by the lender with the Data Protection Registrar.

Members of Rainbow Saver Anglia Credit Union agree to be sent information about the credit union, its products, services, promotions and developments as well as account statements.

If you have any questions about our practices or these policies please get in touch with our Head Office at 229 London Road South, Lowestoft, NR33 0DS.