The Change Account

A Prepaid Debit Mastercard

The Change Account is available for all members over the age of 18 years.

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This card will have many more features.

  • Sort Code & Account number for you to give to your employer or the DWP so that money will go straight to your card
  • Payment Alerts
  • Direct Debit/Faster Payments/Scheduled Payments/BACs payments
  • Set Monthly charge of £2 per month with no load fee
  • A wide-ranging Retailer Rewards Programme which will give you cashback rewards if you shop at some retailers
  • Secure budgeting Wallets
  • Online & Mobile account management
  • 24/7 UK based Customer Support

Credit Union members can apply for The Change Account at the special credit union rate of £2 per month. To get this deal, personal details, including your Rainbow Saver membership number, must be completed. Please type your Rainbow Saver membership number where it says ‘Referral Number’.

Application is done online. If you need help, you can get this at our shops or access points.

The Change Account will create an account for you, and your new card will be sent to you through the post.

The process of getting started with your card is explained under:

Steps to Getting Started with Your Change Account

You can

For more information you can check the Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions

Charges for this card with credit union deal

Credit Union members’ monthly fee
(with no load fee)
Credit Union members’ ATM Withdrawal £0.70
Retailers who provide cashback at POS FREE
Faster Payment from card £0.50
Direct Debit £0.50
Unpaid Direct Debit FREE
Payment alert by SMS £0.05
Replacement Card £4.95
Maximum Card Balance £7,500
Max daily faster payment £5,000
Max daily card purchase £5,000
Maximum Withdrawal at ATM per day £500

The process of getting started with your Change Account Card:

Apply for your new Change Account Card Here: