Rainbow Saver Anglia Credit Union Limited

Rainbow Saver Anglia Credit Union Ltd was founded in 2001. Offering safe savings, affordable loans, Contactless Visa Debit Card, Budgeting Accounts and other financial services to the people of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and South Norfolk.

Due to the Coronavirus

Todays Latest Information 01/12/2020:
New Contactless Visa Debit Card Launched 26th November 2020 – Click/Touch Here for More Details
Peterborough and Lowestoft branches remain closed to the public until further notice. We are protecting our members and staff from Coronavirus following Government guidelines.

During this national emergency, please contact us by text message or email

All wages, benefits and payments will be processed as usual and regular payments sent to bank accounts and Change cards.
Loan applications should be posted or emailed to Head Office as our Peterborough team are not able to access the loan portal.

Post to:
Rainbow Saver Anglia
229 London Road South,
Lowestoft NR33 0DX

To contact us for any enquiries or payment requests,
(please do not leave voicemail messages on our landline.)

Please use our new TEXT mobile phone service.
Put your name or member number first, then a short text message

For Lowestoft
Text: 07745 795865
Email: patsy@rainbowsaver.org.uk
Landline: 01502 584854  (voicemail is switched off)

For Peterborough
Text: 07549 237364
Email: stephanie.mccombie19@gmail.com
Landline: not available as team all working remotely

The Change Card Has Now Closed:
Please see Information Here: Click/Touch


We’ll always encourage you to save. It’s what makes us great.



Our Starter Loans are small loans for new customers.


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We are a bit like a bank – but we are not for profit.

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Use our Jam Jar account to help you manage your money.

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The Engage Account

FREE to open an account (age 16+)
FREE digital app and contactless Visa Debit card
FREE additional card for joint account
No cost to make a purchase within the UK
Free cashback service at participating retailers
Pay by transfer/standing order/direct debit
Send/request money from others
Budget with Engage Envelopes™
FREE alerts to help you track your spend
Cashback rewards on everyday shopping